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작성일 : 15-09-07 16:18
Inhibition of brain tumor cell proliferation by alternating electric fields
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This study was designed to investigate the mechanism by which electric fields affect cell function,
and to determine the optimal conditions for electric field inhibition of cancer cell proliferation.
Low-intensity (<2 V/cm) and intermediate-frequency (100?300 kHz) alternating electric fields
were applied to glioblastoma cell lines. These electric fields inhibited cell proliferation by inducing
cell cycle arrest and abnormal mitosis due to the malformation of microtubules. These effects were
significantly dependent on the intensity and frequency of applied electric fields.
Hyesun Jeong,1,a) Jiwon Sung,2,a) Seung-ick Oh,1 Seonghoon Jeong,2 Eui Kwan Koh,3
Sunghoi Hong,1,b) and Myonggeun Yoon2,b)
1School of Biosystem and Biomedical Science, Korea University, Seoul 136-703, South Korea
2Department of Bio-convergence Engineering, Korea University, Seoul 136-703, South Korea
3Seoul Center, Korea Basic Science Institute, Seoul 136-713, South Korea
APPLIED PHYSICS LETTERS 105, 203703 (2014)